Technology provision for private banking for internal use of partner network

Originally published on 11.02.2022

We are taking a closer step to banking. Stankevicius Group has been developing private banking technology solutions to private institutional clients since late Q4 2021.

Stankevicius private equity network has over $80B assets under management. Stankevicius Group has been closely working with Southeast Asian conglomerates in assisting with public relations matters and providing technology development support. Now, these conglomerates are going commercial in the financial industry.

Since early announcements in 2021, Stankevicius Group made a high interest public statement about entering financial markets. Together with these announcements, the insider partner network of Stankevicius Group has taken into consideration for new developments and business opportunities, as well as new partnerships, that Stankevicius Group can step up and lead the group’s insider partner network not just with public affair matters but also technology development matters.

Amongst strong connections with a favorable reputation within an insider network of partners, Stankevicius Group has been chosen by leading network partners to provide technology development solutions for private banking. Since Q4 2021, Stankevicius Group has been developing private banking technology systems for the insider partner network.

The private banking systems development is exclusive and limited only to the private insider partner network of Stankevicius Group. Stankevicius Group does not provide private banking technology development services to clients.

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